Apr 26, 2007

subject related poster designing

presented by ezhil,senthil and aslam of 2003 batch
presented by jeyanthi and shivakumar
this pilates for low back was presented by my friend anil of meenakhshi college of physiotherapy
presented by arun , rajarajan and parasuram of 2003
this iliotibial band friction syndrome in athletes poster won second prize in competition...

presented by kamlesh and satheesh of 2003 batch.
presented by sasi kala of 2004 batch
presented by riyala, thameem and ragu of 2003 batch...

i always love to do designing related to subjects.....
this months few of my juniors participated in poster presentation
in other colleges. they asked me to design their posters.
with great pleasure i designed their posters... here are they...

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